1. The first point is the roll skin, see if the roll skin is damaged, because if the roll skin is damaged, the joint of the two rolls will be very large, so that many raw materials can not be directly pressed into the ball, but directly After passing through the ball socket of the roller skin, it is rotated to the conveyor belt and directly conveyed out, which causes the globulin powder ball machine to have a low ball rate!

2. There is a gap between the two rollers of the ball press equipment. If there is a gap between the two rollers, that is, the raw material cannot be directly pressed out of the roller by pressing, so that the ball formation rate is almost zero.

Briquetting machine spare parts

3. Whether the ball socket of the ball press roller is well connected, the two ball sockets must be aligned. If the ball socket is not completely aligned with the ball socket, but the position is wrong, then the ball you suppress will not be elliptical. , but two half-elliptical misalignment, which directly affects the strength of the finished ball.

If your fluorite powder press machine has the three conditions we mentioned above, we have to deal with these problems. First of all, the roll skin damage is the defective product of the ball press manufacturer. Only by ensuring the integrity and working performance of the equipment parts can the qualified finished product be produced. Fluorite powder ball press for the gap between the two sticks, you can adjust the bearings of the two rollers, adjust the distance between the two bearings to almost zero, but do not affect the normal operation of the roller, if If the two rollers are too crowded, the roller can’t rotate, so the machine can’t work normally, it will not only reduce the service life of the roller, but also affect the normal production. For the third case, adjust the roller bearing, but It is not the distance between the roller bearings, but the rotation of the two roller bearings. The ball sockets of the two rollers must be aligned. Otherwise, there will be a situation where the crack is not satisfactory, or the strength of the sphere is not reached.

If you are looking for a ball press machine device and considering purchasing, then this article can help you. The ball press should consider the following aspects when purchasing options:

1. The problem of conveying the pressed product of the ball press. The materials pressed by the ball press machine are convenient for transportation and storage of the enterprise, effectively improving the utilization rate of waste, and bringing good economic and social benefits to large, medium and small enterprises. Therefore, it is widely used in various ball powder molding, such as iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide scale, steel slag, and refractory materials.

2. The pressure ball machine processing technology is good or bad. Judging whether the processing technology of the ball press machine is good or bad, we must observe from the aspects of the material of the ball press machine, the motor configuration of the ball press machine, the quality of the press roll, and the welding technology of each part. Although the ball press machine concentrates on the advantages of various ball presses such as ball presses and briquette presses, it is necessary to purchase high-quality ball presses to perform their functions. Here, Zymining Factory presses the ball machine equipment research and development, the production staff reminds the purchase of users, must pay attention to the ball press processing technology when purchasing the ball press machine.

3. The pressure ball machine manufacturer size and ability to solve the problem pressure ball machine pressure roller -. The most wearable parts are made of MN13 or above and the pressure roller of the small factory is basically not up to the MN13 standard.

4. The life of the ball machine accessory equipment problem motor and reducer -. It is the transmission part of the ball press. The motor must be copper core. Otherwise, the pressing strength of the finished product will not meet the standard requirements. The reducer must find the reducer produced by the regular manufacturer. The outer casing and speed ratio of the reducer are the most important.

5. After the ball press equipment is purchased, you can enter the commissioning phase. At this time, you have to consider whether the material to be pressed needs binder, what the pressing strength should meet, how the finished product is handled, how to reduce the damage rate of the product, and so on. With these issues in mind, you can safely produce, and there are very few problems in the middle of the operation of the ball press equipment.

Choose according to the material

If the material you want to suppress is lignite, coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke, etc. Powders, powders, waste, waste, and so on. Then you should choose high pressure briquetting machines, or metal briquetting machines, which are widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. The materials produced by the briquetting machine are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Transportation has improved the utilization rate of waste materials and has good economic and social benefits.

When users purchase ball press machine, they need to consider many problems such as equipment quality, price and after-sales, and the output is also within the scope of users’ consideration. There is no doubt that the larger the model of the ball press equipment, the higher the capacity per unit time. Sometimes the output demand provided by the user to the manufacturer is the average output. If the equipment of the ball press manufacturer is too large for the user, it will be a little too small and the investment cost of the user will increase.

Below we will increase the output with the pressure ball machine and its auxiliary equipment unchanged, give you a simple explanation of how to operate to increase production?

Mineral powder ball machine

1. Ensure that the equipment is running without problems. When people are sick and do not want to move, the same is true for mechanical equipment. This is the most basic and most important. If the equipment in the production line such as the ball press machine has a problem with one piece of equipment, the work of the entire production line will not be carried out, let alone the production problem. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance on all equipment on a regular basis, and the operation of the staff must be standardized.

2. To ensure that all aspects of the pressure ball production line fluency ball press and feeder, pulverizer and other auxiliary equipment constitute a pressure ball production line, the entire production from start to finish (such as operator communication and coordination, material supply, etc.) To ensure smoothness, I believe that everyone knows the saying that “inadvertently, all are lost”, the same reason that any problem in the production line will affect the entire production.

The mine powder ball press equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that can press and press the powder material through high pressure to roll extrusion, and can also be equipped with hydraulic equipment.

Mineral powder ball press machine can be used to suppress various mineral powder, iron powder, iron ore powder, iron oxide scale, fluorite powder, manganese ore powder, dust ash, aluminum ash, aluminum powder, coal powder, coal slurry, coal slag, aluminum powder, gypsum, coke powder, carbon powder, sludge, lime, refractory materials and other mineral powders and chemical materials powder, widely used in coal briquettes, steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, cement plants and other enterprises and metallurgical, chemical, energy , heating and other industries.

double-roller press

The finished product pressed by the mineral powder ball machine can be made into a circular shape, an elliptical shape, an oblate shape, a pincushion shape, a square shape, etc., and can also be customized according to user requirements. The material after pressing and forming by the powder ball press equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to transport, improves the utilization rate of waste, and has good economic and social benefits.

The existing powder ball press equipment has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises all over the world, such as Shandong Laiwu Steel Plant, Shanxi Datong Coal Industry Group, Oman Sohar Steel Plant, American Michiga n University of Technology, Australian Coal Mine Co., Ltd., UK Large and medium-sized domestic and foreign markets such as UKstickltd in Northern Ireland not only save a lot of resource consumption and economic cost for enterprises, but also play an important role in the development of circular economy in the country. It is a good energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production of ball pressure equipment, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales as one of the. The company is headquartered in Luoyang City, Luo new industrial park, covers an area of about more than 30000 square meters, under the jurisdiction of a plurality of subsidiary company. Company’s existing 2 doctors, MBA senior management personnel 3 people, senior technical staff of 15 people, more than 200 employees. Since its establishment in 1986, the company uphold the scientific management method of modern enterprises, precision manufacturing, continuous innovation, rapid development has become a shining pearl of mining machinery in the manufacturing industry of china.


In the process of the production of high-grade magnesia, ball pressure process is a very important part of the material. It has a great influence on the bulk density and the compressive strength of the ball, directly determines the quality of calcined magnesia. Therefore, the introduction of a high pressure ball machine is a must.

This machine adopts mechanical pressure adding powdered raw materials into desired pellet compression. It has two opposite to the rotating direction and speed the same diameter roller, wherein a roller position is fixed, another roll can be adjusted by hydraulic piston to pressure for horizontal movement. In the external surface of the two roller on T are correspondingly provided with spherical groove material is located at two above the middle line of the spiral feeder roller forced into the two rollers, two roller by the rotation of the pellet falls to compress it into material pile feeding belt in the lower discharge. Drive system pressure ball machine is divided into host, feeder, hydraulic device three parts.

If you still want to understand the pressure ball machine technology more?

Each briquetting machine working principle is the same, we can through the GY520 to pressure the ball machine to do an analysis for everyone.

GY520 pressure ball machine, basic structure as shown in fig.

How does the briquetting machine work?

Principle of work: the main components of roller ball machine is a diameter equal to each other have a certain gap on roller.

Two on the roll at the same speed as the reverse rotation. Two on the roll surface arranged regularly in many shapes of ball socket of the same size. Two pairs of rollers are arranged horizontally, the powder and granular materials from two of the top roller continuously and evenly to join, rely mainly on small silo within the preloading spiral between forced feeding into the two roll. To roll into the material as before, free flow, from a certain point on the roll surface is on the roll bite. With the rotation of the rollers, materials occupy space decreases gradually,gradually compressed, reach the molding pressure maximum value, then the pressure decreases gradually.

Type ball pressed by the elastic recovery and have increased in size, bonded ball and ball and socket wall damage, coupled with its own weight and smooth fall off.