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High pressure roller mill structure

As a kind of ultra-fine crushing equipment, the high-pressure roller mill has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, low unit steel consumption, large unit processing capacity, uniform particle size of crushed products, small floor space and high equipment operation rate. The high pressure roller mill is mainly composed of a system such as […]

The importance of briquetting machine for environmental protection

With the development of industrial technology, the amount of solid waste should not be underestimated. In order to reduce the damage to the environment and save resources and energy, industrial enterprises need to optimize and utilize these materials on the one hand, and also need to improve environmental pollution through some means. The birth of […]

Brazil Ladist company orders High-Pressure Briquetting Machine

Recently, Mr. Nodari, Purchasing Director of Lhosit Company of Brazil, came to Luoyang Zhongyuan Company to conduct on-site inspection and contract negotiation on the procurement of High-Pressure Briquetting Machine. Mr. Nodari used the website and email to analyze the specifications and strength of the high-pressure ball press of Luoyang Zhongyuan. After preliminary understanding, this site […]

Intensive mixer equipment structure

The intensive mixer is mainly used for mixing work between materials and binders and water. The mixed material is sent to a ball press for molding. The powerful mixer mainly consists of: transmission system, rotor shaft, cylinder frame, electronic control system and so on. 1. Transmission system: Driven by motor – hardened gear reducer – […]

Description of the briquetting machine assembly

The high pressure ball press machine is mainly composed of: motor, hard surface, double shaft, reducer, elastic coupling, gear coupling, main machine, pre-press, hydraulic station, electrical control system and so on. 1. Transmission: The motor-elastic coupling-hard-tooth double-shaft reducer-gear coupling is driven by two pressure rollers. 2. The host: The main machine is mainly composed of […]

Physical and chemical indicators of cold pressed particles

The physical indexes of cold-pressed particles mainly refer to wet bulb drop strength, green ball compressive strength, green ball drop strength, heat strength, void ratio, etc., while chemical indexes mainly refer to various reaction properties into the furnace, such as reducing traits. , high temperature softening and melting characteristics. 1. Wet ball drop strength The […]

The role of binder in the process of ball pressing

The binder is generally a liquid substance such as pulp waste liquid, syrup waste liquid, and water glass. There are two aspects to the ball: 1. The binder is adsorbed on the surface of the material in a highly dispersed manner, and penetrates into the crack of the particles under the action of pressure, thereby […]

The effect of bearings on the life of the ball press

As an important part of the ball press, the bearing is second only to the roll skin, and even more important than the roll skin in terms of long-term operation. Whether the bearing selection is reasonable or not will have an impact on the assembly and production costs of workers and continuous running time. For […]