Metallurgical industry materials

In the metallurgical industry materials, you will see the types of materials,which could be used by ZY high-pressure briquetting machine.You can quickly match the equipment that fits your material.

Metallurgical auxiliary briquetting machine are mainly used for pressing dry powder and particles without moisture and not easy to form , such as slag after lime block screening, light burnt magnesium powder, light burnt dolomite powder, refractory materials, metallurgical auxiliary materials, aluminum ash, aluminum scrap,etc., The metallurgical auxiliary ball press pressure could be adjusted as needed.

Working principle of metallurgical auxiliary briquetting machine.

The principal machine is driven by the variable frequency speed regulating motor, and is transmitted to the shaft through the pin and the pin gear reducer through the belt and the cylindrical gear reducer. The transmission shaft and the passive shaft ensure the synchronous operation through the open gear. The rear of the passive bearing housing is equipped with hydraulic device.

The screw feeding device is driven by a variable frequency speed control motor and is rotated by a pulley and a worm reducer to force the pressed material into the hopper. Because of the constant torque characteristic of the variable frequency motor, a constant supply pressure can be maintained to stabilize the particle size quality,when the material amount of the screw feeder is equal to the amount required by the main machine; If the feed amount is too large, the feeding device will be overloaded; If the feed amount is too small, it will not form the briquettes. Therefore, the skilled operation technique is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation of the energy-saving ball press. The hydraulic protection device is driven by a hydraulic pump to drive high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, causing axial displacement of the piston. The front joint of the piston rod is placed on the bearing housing to meet production pressure requirements.

When the feeding amount between the two rollers is too much or enters the metal block, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is in a pressure overload state, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the safety valve will open the oil return port, and the piston rod will be displaced. The gap between the two rollers is increased to allow the hard objects to pass through the pressure area, and the system pressure is restored to normal, so that the rollers can be protected from damage. This machine can adjust the pressure according to briquette density requirement, and the production will be flexible.